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Bulletin for October 29, 2022

Welcome      Pastor Fredy Reinosa

Worship in Giving   Our Church Budget     Earle Andrews

Adventurer & Pathfinder Induction Ceremony
Clubs March In Program

Prayer of Consecration        Pastor Fredy

Scripture        Susan Andrews

Pastoral Prayer      Susan Andrews

Special Music     Rose Jacob

Clubs March Out

Sermon    “In God’s Image”  Pastor Fredy

Hymn   #319, “Lord, I want to Be a Christian”  

Benediction        Pastor Fredy

Organist: Cris Coconcea
Deacon Team Leader: Brad Tait
Greeters: Ruby & Thea Cruz
Worship Coordinator: Pathfinder Group

Organist: Cris Coconcea
Deacon Team Leader: Seraphon Mafouana
Greeters: Earle & Susan Andrews
Worship Coordinator: Barren Group