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Bulletin for March 11, 2032

Organ Prelude: Johannes Brahms (1833-1897): 2 Chorals from ’11 Chorals for Organ’: #2, and #5

Welcome      Ed Bradley

Health Minute     Video

Worship in Singing   Anna Rivera, Katherine Zarate, Thea Cruz

Hymn   #608, “Faith Is the Victory”    

Children’s Story        Anna Rivera

Worship in Giving   World Budget – AWR     Jonathan Zarate

Scripture        1 Timothy 4:8-13         Jonathan Diaz

Pastoral Prayer      Ed Bradley

Special Music    Oscar Hinojosa

Speaker 1     “Isaiah”  Anthony Barren
Speaker 2     “Esther”  Katherine Zarate
Speaker 3     “Timothy”  Fred Christiansen

Hymn   #465, “I heard the Voice of Jesus”  

Benediction        Fred Christiansen

Organ Postlude: Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): Fugue in E Minor BWV 548 for organ

Organist: Cris Coconcea
Deacon Team Leader: Deborah Donnelly
Greeters: Bohnn & Jane Barayuga
Worship Coordinator: Teens Group

Organist: TBD
Deacon Team Leader: Dan Rich
Greeters: TBD
Worship Coordinator: Andrews Group