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Bulletin for December 31, 2022

Welcome      Earle Andrews

Worship in Singing   Edit & Lilla Szekely

Hymn   #100, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”    

Children’s Story        Susan Andrews

Worship in Giving   Atlantic Union     Earle Andrews

Scripture   Philippians 3:12-14     Sofia Eyassu

Pastoral Prayer      Sharon Wilson

Special Music      Oscar Hinojosa Jr.

Sermon    “Resolutions, Promises, and Covenants”  Bob Hunsaker

Hymn   #331, “O Jesus, I Have Promised”  

Benediction        Bob Hunsaker

Organist: Ted Wilson
Deacon Team Leader: Brad Tait
Greeters: Ruby & Thea Cruz
Worship Coordinator: Andrews Group

Organist: Chris Coconcea
Deacon Team Leader: Anel Badeau
Greeters: Sofia Eyassu & Cynthia Bradley
Worship Coordinator: Barren Group