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Bulletin for April 8, 2023

Organ Prelude: J. S. Bach (1685-1750): Choral Prelude: ‘O Man, Bemoan thy Grievous Sin’ BWV 622

Welcome      Pastor Fredy Reinosa

Worship in Singing     Solid Rock

Hymn   #166, “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”    

Children’s Story        Olga Slocum

Worship in Giving  Hope Channel International   Dennis Stevens

Scripture     Philippians 3:10    John Valentin

Pastoral Prayer      John Valentin

Special Music    Solid Rock

Sermon   “The Power of the Resurrection”  Pastor Reinosa

Hymn   “Because He Lives”  

Benediction        Pastor Reinosa

Organ Postlude: J. S. Bach (1685-1750): Choral Prelude: ‘Christ is Risen’ BWV 627

Deacon Team Leader: Deborah Donnelly
Greeters: Edit Székely & Phuong Wilson
Worship Coordinator: Solid Rock Group

Deacon Team Leader: Dan Rich
Greeters: Andrew Christiansen & Cynthia Bradley
Worship Coordinator: Andrews Group