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Bulletin for April 16, 2022

Welcome      Fred Christiansen

Worship in Singing   Andrew Christiansen

Hymn   #166 “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”    

Children’s Story        The Williams Family

Worship in Giving   Our Church Budget     Leo Wilson

Responsive Reading        Bertrand and Eloise Pryce

Pastoral Prayer        Pablo Ruiz

Choral Anthem   Wondrous Love   Choir

Sermon    “Jesus Came to Show Us”  Fred Christiansen

Hymn   “Here I Am, Lord?”  

Benediction        Fred Christiansen

Elder: Fred Christiansen
Organist: Cris Coconcea
Deacon Team Leader: Bohnn Barayuga
Greeters: Bohn & Cherish Barayuga
Worship Coordinator: Wilson Group

Elder: Eloise Pryce
Organist: Cris Coconcea
Deacon Team Leader: Brad Tait
Greeters: Ruby & Thea Cruz
Worship Coordinator: Eyassu Group