Bulletin for September 9, 2017

Church At Worship —10:45 am

Welcome                    Pastor Kristy Hodson

Worship in Singing           Dennis Stevens

Hymn #8   “We Gather Together”

Children’s Story          Mirriam Mananah

Worship in Giving        Barney Bolton

Building for All People

Prayer                   Sharon Wilson

Hymn #101   “Children of the Heavenly Father”

Sermon   “Majority Rules”      Pastor Kristy

Hymn #83  “O Worship the King”

Benediction            Pastor Kristy


Organist: Ted Wilson

Deacon Team Leader: Kalon Ho

Greeters: Silva – Slocum – Valentin

Worship Coordinator: Staff Group


Organist: Rad Yarjan

Deacon Team Leader: John Valentin

Greeters: Boyd – Caster – Connelly

Worship Coordinator: Perozo Group