Bulletin for October 14, 2017

Greater Boston Academy Alumni Weekend

Welcome                             David Branum

Worship in Singing           Caroline ’96 & Corey Wilmot

Hymn #10   “Come Christians Join to Sing”

Children’s Story          Matt Lombard, Faculty ’93-’98

Worship in Giving        Amanda Hiscock Ramtahal ’97

Scripture & Prayer                   Judy Laing Lombard ’72

Special Music                              Ashley Rich ’00

Introduction of Speaker      Johan Perozo ’92

Roll Call                            David Branum, Principal

Sermon        “So This is Your Life”       Kevin Roberts ’92

Hymn #198    “And Can It Be”

Benediction                                    Adam Rich ’97


Organist: Ted Wilson

Deacon Team Leader: Doug Slocum

Greeters: O’Geare – Ulysse

Worship Coordinator: GBA Alumni Group


Organist: Ted Wilson

Deacon Team Leader: Kalon Ho

Greeters: Silva – Slocum – Valentin

Worship Coordinator: Perozo Group