Bulletin for November 3, 2018

Welcome                                 Pastor Kristy Hodson
Worship in Singing                      Mirriam Mananah
Hymn         #615, “Rise Up, O Church of God”

Children’s Story                                 Coleen Caster

Worship in Giving     Our Church Budget   Peter Connelly

Scripture Reading                            Sebastian Ruiz

Prayer                     Pablo Ruiz

Sermon    “The Helpers”  Pastor Kristy

Closing Hymn     #571, “What Does the Lord Require”

Benediction                                          Pastor Kristy

Pianist/Organist: Rad Yarjan
Deacon Team Leader: Seraphin Mafouana
Greeters: Mirna Aeschlimann – Doug Slocum
Worship Coordinator: Perozo Group

Pianist/Organist: Ted Wilson
Deacon Team Leader: Margaret Ulysse
Greeters: Bohnn & Jane Barayuga
Worship Coordinator: Zarate Group