Bulletin for May 1, 2021

Welcome                        Pastor Fredy Reinosa

Worship In Singing          Susan Andrews
#334 “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” Verses 1 & 3
#75 “The Wonder of it All” Verses 1 & 2

Hymn of Praise   #590 “Trust and Obey”    

Children’s Story      Fred Christiansen

Worship in Giving    Our Church Budget     Andi Hunsaker

Scripture   Romans 2:4     Sebastian Ruiz

Prayer                 Jill Tait

Special Music    Luciana DeSilva

Sermon    “The Goodness of God” Pastor Fredy

Closing Hymn   #198 “And Can It Be”    

Benediction                Pastor Fredy

Elder: Bob Hunsaker
Deacon Team Leader: Seraphin Mafouana
Organist: Cris Coconcea
Worship Coordinator: Zarate Group

Elder: Earle Andrews
Deacon Team Leader: Deborah Donnelly
Organist: Ted Wilson
Worship Coordinator: Andrews Group