Bulletin for March 16, 2019

Welcome                                          Pastor Kristy
Worship in Singing                    Susan Andrews

Hymn              #255, “I Cannot Tell Why”

Children’s Story                      Elizabeth Fletcher

Worship in Giving    Church Budget   Earle Andrews

Prayer                                             Edith Szekely

Special Music                               Thom Barren

Sermon   “The Gift That Keeps Giving”  Pastor Kristy

Closing Hymn     #341, “To God Be the Glory”

Benediction                                      Pastor Kristy

Pianist/Organist: Rad Yarjan
Deacon Team Leader: Seraphin Mafouana
Greeters: Veronica Diaz – Margaret Ulysse
Worship Coordinator: Andrews Group

Pianist/Organist: Nancy Crandall
Deacon Team Leader: Seraphin Mafouana
Greeters: Lacide Silva – Doug Slocum
Worship Coordinator: GBA Group