Bulletin for June 8, 2019


Greater Boston Academy Graduation Weekend

GBA Graduation Speakers:

  • Friday night (7pm) – Pastor Kevin Robert
  • Sabbath morning (10:45am)  Elder Cesar Perozo
  • Sunday Commencement (1pm) Pastor Jerold Thompson

Next Sabbath Speaker – Pastor Kristy Hodson

Camp Meeting – The Church will be closed for Camp Meeting, June 22 & 29. The link to Live Stream Camp Meeting is – https://livestream.com/snecmedia

Pianist/Organist: Ted Wilson
Deacon Team Leader: Margaret Ulysse
Greeters: Ed Bradley – Eliane Moore
Worship Coordinator: GBA Group

Pianist/Organist: Rad Yarjann
Deacon Team Leader: Doug Slocum
Greeters: Mirna Aeschlimann – Sonia Valentin
Worship Coordinator: Scarone Group