Bulletin for June 15, 2019

Welcome                 Pastor Kristy Hodson
Worship in Singing      Gabriela Scarone

Hymn        #85, “Eternal Father, Strong to Save”

Children’s Story                 Kathy Curtis

Worship in Giving    Our Church Budget  Dennis Stevens

Scripture        Matt. 13:54-56       Linda Carrasco

New Member Dedication

Prayer                      Luis Miguel Carrasco

Special Music      Daniel & Gabriela Scarone & Raquelin Spinosa

Sermon  “Daddy Dearest  Pastor Kristy

Hymn     #101, “Children of the Heavenly Father”

Benediction                             Pastor Kristy

Pianist/Organist: Nancy Crandall
Deacon Team Leader: Brad Tait
Greeters: Mirna Aeschlimann – Sonia Valentin
Worship Coordinator: Scarone Group

Church Closed for Camp Meeting