Bulletin for December 3, 2016

Church At Worship —10:45 am

Welcome                          Pastor Hodson

Worship in Song               Sharon Wilson

Hymn #457  “I Love to Tell the Story”   

Children’s Story                  Heidi Ruiz

Worship in Giving              Bob Hundsaker

Scripture & Prayer              Jeffrey Walker

Special Music                     Sharon Wilson

Sermon    “Loose Him and Let Him Go”         Charles Washington 

Hymn #367“Rescue the Perishing”

Benediction                            Charles Washington


Organist: Cris Coconcea

Deacon in Charge: Brad Tait

Greeters: Aguirre – Bradley – Moore

Worship Coordinator: Krefta Group


Organist: Ted Wilson

Deacon in Charge: Raul Raya-Silva

Greeters: Aeschlimann – Barayuga – Jay

Worship Coordinator: GBA Group