Bulletin for December 10, 2016

Church At Worship —10:45 am

Welcome                          Ava Barren

Worship in Song        Carlus Alvez, Enzo Silva, Rachael Cleminson

Hymn #518  “Standing on the Promises”   

Children’s Story                 Ralph Pierre

DEDICATION OF Arielle K. Adrien

Worship in Giving            Jill Tait

Offertory                           CJ Barayuga


Prayer                                Joshua Angulo 

Special Music      Ava Barren, Emely Moffit, CJ Barayuga

Sermon    “Waiting on God”         Pastor Perozo

Hymn #322“Nothing Between”

Benediction                            Pastor Perozo


Organist: Ted Wilson

Deacon in Charge: Kalon Ho

Greeters: Aeschlimann – Barayuga – Jay

Worship Coordinator: GBA Group


Organist: Cris Coconcea

Deacon in Charge: Raul Raya-Silva

Greeters: Matos – Morrison – Perozo

Worship Coordinator: SRC Group