Bulletin for August 31, 2019

Welcome                       Earl Andrews
Worship in Singing     Dennis Stevens

Hymn        #6, “O Worship the Lord”

Children’s Story                      Fred Christiansen

Worship in Giving  Our Church Budget  Ed Bradley

Scripture  I Kings 8:21  Peter Connelly

Prayer                     Peter Connelly

Special Music      Elizabeth Fletcher, Giorgia Maghelli, Sharon Wilson

Sermon  “Fire on the Mountain  Brian Gonzalez

Closing Hymn  #230, “All Glory, Land and Honor”

Benediction                Brian Gonzalez

Pianist/Organist: Nancy Crandall
Deacon Team Leader: Seraphin Mafoun
Greeters: Bohnn & Jane Barayuga
Worship Coordinator: Zaarate Group

Pianist/Organist: Rad Yarjan
Deacon Team Leader: Seraphin Mafoun
Greeters: Lisa Hunzelman – Carmen Morrison
Worship Coordinator: Andrews Group