Bulletin for April 3, 2021

Welcome                       Pastor Fredy Reinosa

Worship In Singing                      Sharon Wilson
#251 “I serve a Risen Savior” verses 1, 3
#187 “Jesus, What a Friend to Sinners” verses 1, 4
#338 “Redeemed” verses 1, 3

Hymn of Praise   #203 “This is the Threefold Truth”    

Children’s Story          Elizabeth Fletcher

Offering Reading   Our Chucrch Budget     Anel Badeau

Hymn of Reflection   How Deep the Father’s Love”    

Pastoral Prayer                Sofia Eyassu

The Resurrection Story     Responsive Reading     Jill Tait & Laurel Williams

Hymn of Rejoicing #166, “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”

Homily    “Hope in the Midst of Trying Times” Pastor Fredy

The Great Commission Responsive Reading Jim & Carol Covensky

Hymn of Response   “Here I am, Lord”    

Benediction                Pastor Fredy

Organist: Cris Coconcea
Sunset: 7:12 PM
Worship Coordinator: Wilson Group

Organist: Ted Wilson
Sunset: 7:19 PM
Worship Coordinator: Andrews Group