Bulletin for April 10, 2021

Welcome                        Pastor Fredy Reinosa

Worship In Singing                      Thea Cruz

Opening Hymn   #1 “Praise to the Lord”    

Children’s Story         Odeli Zarate

Offering Reading   Hope Channel     Dennis Stevens

Scripture   John 20:21,22     Valeria Ruiz

Prayer                  Pablo Ruiz

Special Music     Sharon Hamel

Sermon    “Unless I See” Pastor Fredy

Closing Hymn   #290 “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”    

Benediction                Pastor Fredy

Organist: Ted Wilson
Sunset: 7:20 PM
Worship Coordinator: Andrews Group

Organist: Cris Coconcea
Sunset: 7:27 PM
Worship Coordinator: Barren Group