Bulletin for September 22, 2018

Welcome                                             Pastor Perozo
Worship in Singing                           Barayuga Family
Hymn         #100, “Great is Thy Faithfulness”

Video                         “Connect with a Small Group”

Children’s Story                                 Cara Perozo

Worship in Giving     Our Conference Budget   Peter Connelly

Prayer                                  Jackie Mack

Special Music                     Thom Barren

Sermon    “The Polishing Process”   Pastor Perozo

Closing Hymn     #101, “Children of the Heavenly Father”

Benediction                                           Pastor Perozo

Pianist/Organist: Ted Wilson
Deacon Team Leader: Brad Tait
Greeters: Lisa Hunzelman – Carmen Morrison
Worship Coordinator: Perozo Group

Pianist/Organist: Nancy Crandall
Deacon Team Leader: Seraphine Mafouana
Greeters: Veronica Diaz – Margaret Ulysse
Worship Coordinator: Zarate Group