Bulletin for August 6, 2016

Church At Worship —10:45 am

Welcome: Dan Rich

Worship in Singing: Garzia Ernest

Hymn #590 – “Trust and Obey”

Compassion Boston Video

Children’s Story: Michelle O’Geare

Worship in Giving: Dan Rich

Scripture – Genesis 22:1,2: Ed Bradley

Prayer: Jeff Walker

Special Music: Carrie Rhodes

Sermon: ”Take Now You Only Son” – Cris Coconcea

Hymn #304 – “Faith of our Fathers”

Benediction: Cris Coconcea

Organist: Ted Wilson

Deacon Team Leader: Margaret Ulysse

Greeters: Ed Bradley – Margaret Ulysse

Worship Coordinator: Connelly Group


Organist: Rad YArjan

Deacon Team Leader: Barney Bolton

Greeters: Josephine Lane– Coleen Caster

Worship Coordinator: Krefta Group