Bulletin for December 24, 2016

Church At Worship —10:45 am

Welcome                     Susan Andrews

Song of Praise        #20  “O Praise Ye the Lord”

The Promise of a Savior     Michael Vaglica

Hymn #115  “O Come. O Come Immanuel”   

Scripture         Luke 2:1-5         Charles Holmes

Hymn #149  “Once in a Royal David’s City”   

Lamb’s Offering

Children in Song    “As it Fell Upon a Night”        Primary Class

Scripture         Luke 2:6-7         Carol Holmes

Solo  “Silent Night”     Luciana DeSilva

Scripture         Matthew 2:1-11         Erika Brian

Hymn #137  “We Three Kings”   

Offering          Paul Maxwell

Prayer              Miriam Manana

Violin Solo      Oscar Hinojosa Jr.

Sermon    “Naughty or Nice”         Pastor Hodson

Hymn #140“Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne”

Benediction                         Pastor Hodson


Organist: Nancy Crandall

Deacon in Charge: Marget Ulysse

Greeters: O’Geare – Ulysse

Worship Coordinator: Andrews Group


Organist: Rad Yarjan

Deacon in Charge: Brad Tait

Greeters: Silva – Slocum – Valentin

Worship Coordinator: Connelly Group